Web design conference

Commoditization 2015

Web designers' party disguised as a conference

July 6 - July 10, 2015, Stockholm, Sweden


What is next for professional web design?

Web design is becoming commodity. Wix and Webydo offer web design at a price of hosting. Content Management Systems (CMS) are ubiqitous with a great selection of easily customisable ready-made templates. PSD to html conversion has turned from cottage industry into mass production. How can a web professional survive in commodity market?

Our answer to this question is differentiation through exclusivity. Exlusivity in web design is the focus of our conference. That is exclusivity along the entire chain of taking business online: exlusive design, exlcusive applications, and exclusive branding through premium domain names.

Who attends?

Commoditization 2015 is perfect for business development professionals, web designers, SEO/SEM managers, creative art directors, graphic designers, and corporate web managers, social media promoters, all those tasked with developing and supporting online front of enterpise.

You can join this small, elite and closely knitted group of web development and marketing professionals meeting for informal discussion on future of web design, only through personal introduction. Due to overwhelming demand and small size of event (we keep it intentionally small to preserve elitist atmosphere), attendance for this event is only by personal invitation.


Stockholm has much to offer as a venue for the conference - explore and connect to this vibrant city, its museums and restaurants, enjoy the picturesque Old Town and boat trips to the Stockholm archipelago. Stockholm is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world with around 100 museums, among them the Nationalmuseum (with Sweden's largest collection of art), the Vasa Ship Museum (the most visited museum in Scandinavia), City Hall (known for its Nobel Prize ceremony), photography museum Fotografiska and many others.

It's not by chance that we selected Stockholm as venue for our conference. Stockholm is associated with modern functional minimalistic yet at the same time very high-end design. We have also prepared rich entertaining program to make your your experience unforgatable.

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Learn the latest trends

Responsive web design (RWD) is all the rage. Learning how best to support mobile browsers is an exciting new area of professional development. The challenge of responsive web design is to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Adaptation for smartphone displays goes two ways - improving user experience for smaller screen and preparing websites for the next generation of Retina-like high resolution devices.

Powerful and more efficient technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are killing Flash. Replacing flash websites is a small niche much in demand for from small and medium enterprises.

Stock photography market is always on look for more efficient technologies to taxonomize and preseent images (and videos, of course), with customers ranging from individual photographer portfolios to medium-and-large photo agencies and giant media companies at the upper market tier.

Amazon's S3 has appeal for small and medium enterprises to abandon php & MySQL-based design in favor of low-cost hosting with unlimited bandwidth on-demand. Move to S3 calls for entire re-design from php & MySQL to flat file structures CMS based on HTML5 and CSS3.

Web accessibility workshop

Did you know that almost all government institutions today are required to maintain website accessibility for all government programs and services? Find out how to enhance your knowledge and techniques to assure you can meet the demands of government clients. The Workshop covers:

  • Understanding the key ideas for making Web pages accessible
  • Adapting existing Web pages to an accessible format
  • How people with disabilities interact with the web and where they have difficulty
  • Creating accessible PDF and PowerPoint
  • The legal picture with respect to accessibility
  • Accessible multimedia
  • How to caption audio or video elements
  • Creating accessible Web pages from the initial development

Servicing digital media market

This workshop will offer you a handful of basic strategies for dealing with technology issues in stock photography industry. These strategies won't turn you into a hands-on photography expert, but will help you feel more comfortable with planning for and making decisions about building websites for this lucrative market segment. Included in what we will cover are:

Advanced Javascript workshop

The workshop is intended for developers with a good familiarity with JavaScript programming, and are interested to get a deeper understanding how it is used in the context of responsive web design:

  • Mobile first, unobtrusive JavaScript, and progressive enhancement
  • Progressive enhancement based on browser-, device-, or feature-detection
  • Adapting existing web pages to RWD
  • RESS (responsive web design with server-side components)
  • Server-side "dynamic CSS" implementation of stylesheet languages
  • JavaScript frameworks - testing browser support for HTML/CSS features

Discover how to radically simplify your web infrastructure and bootstrap development process. Join live discussions and learn real-life case studies.

Never ending LAN party

Connectivity assured wherever you are for the duration of conference. We know our people and how they hate to be offline. Well, it might happen but most of time you'll be connected.

Never ending LAN party

Networking in informal atmosphere

There will be plenty opportunities to socialize with peers in a pleasant informal environment.

Networking in informal atmosphere

Special Session: Testing and Protecting Website

Rita Kozlov, Cyber Security Policy Advisor, Market Research Media Ltd

Reliability is critical to the success of a website. Reliability evaluation has traditionally been a slow, labor-intensive process which makes it difficult to apply to websites. The dynamic nature of the Web poses problems for reliability evaluation. Development times are rapid and changes to websites occur frequently, often without a chance to re-evaluate the entire site. Advances in web-based user interfaces change user behavior as well as the threats to web infrastracture.

The challenge is to determine how best to site reliability both from the point of view of user experience and hardening the site against external threats, such as DDoS attacs. Automated techniques cannot entirely supplant manual testing; the expertise of a good web engineer is still vital. However, automated techniques can enhance traditional approaches and provide additional information to the developer as well. Learn a range of tools and techniques that support rapid, remote, and automated testing and evaluation of website reliability:

  • How to check the HTML of web pages against usability guidelines
  • How to capture a pattern of user behavior on the site
  • How to load test site and analyze the test results
  • How to simulate DDoS attack
  • How to test website on compatibility to different browsers and devices
  • How to convince customer in necessity of proper website maintenance and establishing backup and recovery protocols and mechanisms